Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tiaki Taonga

This morning we completed a Speed Writing Challenge. In just 10 minutes we were expected to complete a piece of writing about Tiaki Taonga and R.A.K week. We were then given 5 minutes to pair share, and proof read.

Each year we have a school theme, last year it was Kia pai te Kotahi this year it’s Tiaki Taonga. It means caring for our people, our most treasured, our school,  and our successes. Caring is what we do at Pt.England school, and what better way to show not just by doing it by but also putting it out there and having it as our school theme.

So to show kids at Pt.England what Tiaki Taonga really is the prefects decided to create a korero based around kindness/caring. R.A.K week also known as random acts of kindness, throughout the whole week everyone in the school complimented or either did something nice to someone that would make them feel good.

As R.A.K week came to an end to show kindness one last time the prefects  stood at the front gates giving out lollies and doing something nice for them. It was just an awesome way of showing Tiaki Taonga, after all It's really nice to know that someone cares for you, I mean isn’t

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