Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yay Its swimming!!!!!

Hello every body.
This is a post about my swimming and what we have been doing
in the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy my movie.

Finally arriving at the pools I quickly got changed and had a shower .On entering the pool Mrs.squires said “group 1 will be in the pool first “.I was not happy. After waiting for minutes we got to go in the pool.

With a powerful kick I submerged under the  water .Gilding gracefully I said to myself “I can make it “.Exhausted and  drained Mrs.Squires said I want you to please do one more lap”.I was so tired after that.


  1. Hey Jorja

    I like your story about swimming it is very good.

    You just need to add a little bit to your story

    But keep it up.

    By Mele

  2. Hi Jorja!! It's Jonita, I really LOVED your swimming animation. I didn't get to swim for one and a half weeks!! I think your animation was better then mine because I didn't get to the part when I swam!!! Keep up the AWESOME work and I hope you can visit my blog whenever you can!!!!


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