Thursday, June 16, 2011

State of origin


Sitting down at the couch I told my brother "Change it to the State of Origin quick. It's gonna start". There is my dad, my brother and I who like New South Wale. I don't care if they keep on losing because its not about winning or losing I think its just about having fun.
Happily knowing that New South Wales was going to win I went and sat on my bed. Nervously walking in to the lounge I looked at the score board and New south Wales was winning. I started to jump up and down because I was so happy.
New South Wales had 18 points and Queensland had 8.
I never ever will go on the Queensland side because
New South Wales is the best. I will always and as always be in New South Wales .THEY RULE !

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  1. Hi Jorja I really like your story about State of Origin you are right New self Wales that is my favorite team they rule.
    From Raeleen


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