Saturday, June 4, 2011

Awesome weekend ever

Guest what I done in the long weekend,I celebrated my cousins birthday and my birthday.For my birthday I just had a family one and for my cousin Jaydens birthday we had a country costume one .I said to my mum "I'm not going to dress up because I'm not a costume liker ".When we arrived the house was nicely decorated and all country .Our present to him was the birthday cake,and desert.The best thing about his birthday was the Ronald Mac Donald farm,the farm is when Ronald brings over animals in a truck and then you go in to feed them .there were a variety of animals to feed and hold . It was so fun there because we had lots of games but I forgot there names.Then to top it of we watched a movie and had popcorn.When I got home I was so tired because we ran around allot and i had heaps of food.Then the next day It was my Birthday.For my birthday that many people that went to jaydens birthday wasn't like mine .I only had a little birthday because I didn't want a big one . I was just so happy to see my family from Australia.

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  1. Hello Jorja. Wow you certainly had a lovely long weekend. Your cousin's birthday sounded like so much fun. I hope you ended up dressing up for it as it adds so much fun to the occasion. Happy Birthday to you too Jorja! Your birthday cake was so delicious. We planned to leave some for supper the following night...but Dan ate most of it! Keep up the good writing Jorja. Love Aunty


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