Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starry Starry Night


A long long time ago in 1889 Starry Starry Night was painted, by the artist Vincent Van Gogh.The size of Starry Starry Night   is 73 x 92 cm the same  size and medium of the sunflowers.

In the foreground of Starry Starry Night is a  small peaceful village and a  curving cypress tree.  Above this dark sleepy  village is a swirling sky, which forms the  background with the bright shining stars.Showing the sunset there is a  wave of yellow , blended with the blue sky   behind the rolling hills.

In Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night  the main color is blue, but the  color yellow makes it standout. The village is dark and peaceful but with a tiny bit of yellow , it brightens it up. In the exaggerated sky both  colors yellow and blue are  used  to  create the swirl.

This painting Starry Starry Night  is a fabulous piece of art.I reckon and probably think that Vincent  painted it for a reason.I was thinking if he painted it because he was trying to tell us that there is life and death.THe light in the window What was his message?

Even though Vincent Van Gogh is not with us now  we  will still remember him
    by his famous paintings  which are   Starry Starry Night , Sunflowers and many other paintings

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  1. Hi Jorja this is Porscha i like your Starry Starry Night it is very interesting to read and i hope i get to read more cool story's.

    By your friend Porscha :)


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