Friday, May 11, 2012


Guess what!!! This term my class have been going to the Y.M.C.A Aquatic Center for swimming lessons.

Hearing Ms .Garden announce on the speaker that we were going swimming I rushed to the gate.As we made our way to the pool our plastic bags made a rustling noise.Arriving at the pools I quickly got changed and had a shower.

As fast as I could I quickly hopped into the pool feeling cold. We started swimming of by doing a test. It was to tell us what group we were in.Happily I jumped up and down because I was in group 3.

After we had finished our test my swimming instructor said” slip into the pool and we will get started.”.When we were in the pool , we started of by doing
Brain goggle cheek. We did 2 laps of that and 2 laps of freestyle.

After that we had a competition . It was to see how far we could go without stopping or breathing. Jonita stopped at the halfway point but Isara stopped at one and a half point.

Later on we all hopped out of the pool and got changed.When we had finished we headed back to school.While I was walking I said to myself”how fun was that”.

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