Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers

This extremely famous picture was painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1888.The size of this painting is 73 x 92 cm ,  it is called Sunflowers . Van Gogh  used oil paint to create this famous piece of art.  

Vincent had painted many Sunflowers .He used lovely bright colours such as yellow , green , orange , red, and  a little bit of brown. He used bright colours like this because they must have made him happy.

In most of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings he has bumpy strokes. If you were to feel his painting it would be rough. Taking a close look at his Sunflower  painting, you can see his brushstrokes. Vincent’s used alot of paint in  his paintings, sometimes he just grabbed a knife and slapped it on the canvas.

When I look at Van Gogh’s painting I am amazed, because I can see the brush strokes.  In the painting mostly all the  sunflowers are dieing. I really love all his flower paintings especially his Irises.

This famous artist Vincent Van Gogh painted the sunflowers for a reason.It was because he bought a little yellow house and his friend Paul  Gauguin was going to visted . He wanted to decorate the yellow room that  Paul  Gauguin was going to stay in with bright colours. So he painted 4 sunflowers .

Well this is the end of my  story.I hope you all enjoyed reading.Enjoy the information !!

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