Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Bentzon

Tomorrow all year 6's will be travelling from school to Kawau Island.  Having to get up and be ready before 7:00 we'll be hoping on the bus for a 3 hour drive.

     On the North Cove  of  Kawau Island, is exactly were Camp Bentzon will hopefully be. Going on the bus for a 3 hour drive then on the ferry to get to the island is how we will get there.

     The cool thing I'm mostly looking forward to is raft making. Why? Because we work as a team and we'd also learn how to make one which will be awesomely fun.

     I am looking forward to the fun that  I'll have with my friends and the fun that I will have with my team mates, guardians, and activities.

  Abseiling will be a challenge for me because I'm normal up on high  things so I am going to challenge my self and face one of my tears.

Although I am not that great with heights I still think that I'll have the time of my life and it will be the best camp that I've ever experienced.

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  1. Hey Jorja,
    I really like your Camp BEnzone story. If I were you I will add a little bit more to my story but that is okay. And a BIG thankyou to Erin and Peter for looking after us. Having fun at Camp Benzone is the main thing. And a BIG thank you to all of our leaders who came and helped us. Well nince story God Bless.

    Fron Raeleen


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