Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Have you ever tried to do  a Triathlon? Well if you haven’t you've definitely got to try because I am telling it’s awesome. So guess what we got the chance to do a Triathlon and we did!!

So Any ways arriving  at the Tri Kids set up area  Mark introduced us  to Adrian and Brett. We then  learnt the rules and had a few practice rounds, so that when it came to the final we’d know exactly what to do.  Rule 1. was to not ride the bike in transition. Rule 2. was to put your helmet on first as you get into transition.

After learning the rules and that we had a run and ride to get the hang of it. Practising and trying my best I think I came 8th in the practice round. We then watched the boys as they ran their best and peddled, after that we all stretched and got ready for the finals.

Warming up for the finals the boys started. THEY WERE OFF, putting their helmet on and as fast as they could they peddled and did 2 laps around the field. Lining their bikes up they ran and ran. Crossing the finish line I think Jonathan might have came 1st.

It wasn't over yet, It was the girls turn now. We all lined up ready for the one simple word “GO” Mark yelled as I put my helmet on and quickly peddled. Finishing my bike race as fast as I could I  ran as hard as I could. Crossing the finish line with a tie I was glad.

Although it was tiring I like it so much. Riding on bikes and running is quite fun to do but unfortunately we didn't get to do swimming. It was such a great day for it all.


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