Wednesday, November 28, 2012


“YAY SANDSPIT HERE WE COME” I yelled as I hopped on the bus.  It was Tuesday the day camp had begun, excited that the day had finally arrived. Known as the BEST camp ever at Pt England I was overwhelmed, all I could do was just talk about  it all. Suddenly the bus stops, we load the ferry and were off.

FINALLY AFTER SO MANY HOURS we arrived at Kawau Island. Loading the bags on the deck as fast as possible, we then lined up in our teams. BENTZON was the best team ever with the three guardians MR and MRS Samuels and Mrs. McDonald. Emptying and preparing for the extremely tiring walk

SWEATING SO MUCH we had a break on the walk. I'm really sure that the walk was about 8 km  or something like that. Arriving at one part of the walk Isara said a wonderful speech  about camp and said how grateful he was.  We then headed back for camp and practised for our team item. So because I our was the best we came and in camp.

I enjoyed year 6 camp so much because we were all just like we'll FAMILY. So yeah when you go to year 6 camp you'll just have the time of your life.  

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