Monday, May 13, 2013

WILL.I.AM Arrives At School

WilI.I.Am visits Pt England School from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

A few days ago famous Pop Singer WILL.I.AM visited our school, yes the one and only WILL.I.AM. Why? Well as some of you may not know he has a foundation called IAmAngel, which helps schools around the world to buy equipment for school subjects.  So he gave us a gift which was a cheque of  100,000  dollars that will go towards all  Manaiakalani education trust schools in the community. It was for science, mathematics, and engineering because he believed that we would that we would be the next generation of inventors.

Students and principals from 8 different manaiakalani  schools came as representatives to accept the huge gift that WILL.I.AM has given.  After WILL.I.AM handed the cheque over he talked about how to live the dream, which was to make sure that we hangout with the right people and always have the right attitude.  Before everything started the Kapa Haka and Senior Hip Hop groups performed for WILL.I.AM.

Then surprisingly out of know were  WILL.I.AM told us that he was going back to school.  The why he wanted to go back was because he was really interested in science.  After that he told us that his dream wasn't to become what he is today, it was just to look after his mum, and that music made it happened. In exact words he said that “ Music literally saved my life”.  After WILL.I.AM told us his story about his early life the Hallenstein Brothers had a presentation to thank WILL.I.AM for his koha that he gave to us then they also  gave him a taonga, Green stone.

After the assembly everyone made their way back to class. WILL.I.AM visited some classes and asked the students some questions. He also had a few interviews with the media and the prefects from the school.  THANK YOU WILL.I.AM You are now part of our family and will always be.

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  1. Nicely recapped Jorja

    What an awesome occasion

    Mrs Burt


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