Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun Run

For the last past weeks or so the senior block have been running around the whole reserve. Why? Because we have been training for the 5k run that we will be doing at the end of the term.  The reason why we are doing the run is because we are fundraising for the Year 8's camp at the end of the year. So what ever money our families donate to us, we collect it then it goes towards their camp.

On the first week we did our run I think my time was around about 7:59secs. Previously I have scored a time of 6:52. It is a big improvement for me because I just got 1 minute faster. On the first time we vs.  Room 15.

On the second time around we vs. no one. We had to run alone. This time around our time was a lot faster then before. After we had finished running Ms.Squires had told us that we were the fastest class.

Hopefully next time I improve on my running. I want to set a goal at a time of 6:00mins. Maybe today for P.E our class will get better at running so that when the Fun Run comes up we are prepared.

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