Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What My Classmates Say About Me

Last term my class did a little exercise using a piece of paper and tape . We had to walk around class with a pen in our hand and write something positive about each other. Hear a a few cool and funny things I found out about myself.

The first thing I never knew that people liked about me was my smile. Maybe because I have dimples which makes it even better, and when I smile I mean it.

Secondly  they said that they really like my hair. Its because I always use shampoo and conditioner every night to make it very shiny and glossy.  Or maybe brush it for hours to make sure there are no knots.

Last but not least the best thing that I think stood out for me was, how my classmates said that they think I'm  a really cool friend  because whenever I see my friends with a frown I always turn it upside down and make it into a smile.

Knowing what my classmates think about me is really awesome. Maybe its better when I know what my classmates  think about me, so that I can co-operate and work with them a lot better. Oh yeah and one funny mostly everyone wrote on my back was Go Jojo!!. Which probably means for me to keep striving to succeed.

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