Thursday, June 20, 2013

Literacy Rotation Cycle

Last week the senior block tested something. What? well the teachers wanted to see if we could do a Literacy Rotation, a Creative and School subjects rotation. The main Idea was to get use to it because thats what would happen when we reach college.

We’ll on my first week of the rotation  I did Kowhaiwhai with Ms.Tito. Which is a koru that is always connected, it is always a piece of artwork that is planned, and it always is a curved koru.

This week for the rotation I have been doing SSW with Mrs. Lagnitupou and today I have just finished doing some reading exercises with Mrs. Nua. Tomorrow I’ll be attending writing with Mrs. Squires. I think we’ll be writing about Narratives and stuff so YEA. I just can’t wait.

I really enjoy doing this new Literacy rotation because I think its gonna help me when I reach college. I think that when I take these literacy rotations it makes me experience and learn cool things that I wouldn't get to do on a normal day basses.

I felt really excited about all of this because its a new thing that I never thought we’d try before. Hopefully this will work for not only this year but next year as well.

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