Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MKR Finale

Arriving at the arena Katie, Mili, Lorel, and Annabeth were so nervous. They couldn’t believe that they were walking into the arena and that they had 2 and 1 chance to win MHKR. It was a dream for them because the prize was 100,000 dollars and a holiday getaway to hawaii.

Preparing themselves for the challenge Group 1 Katie and Mili, and Group 2 Annabeth and Lorel started to plan their menu. After both groups had finished the Judges Ms.King, Mrs.Nua, Mr.Barks, Ms.Squires and Ms.Tito all said " A delicate Chocolate Mousse with Berry sauce  with the perfect flavours and textures is what we're looking for. I hope you all are prepared for what is coming, but most importantly this challenge itself. You'll each have 1 hour to create something divine, oh well I guess theres only one thing to say GOOD LUCK."

Suddenly out of nowhere Mr.Barks shouted "BEGIN".  As fast as they could Group 1 and 2 ran to the pantry to collect what they needed.  Both teams had to replicate a Chocolate Mousse with Berry sauce, it was a challenge because they had to get everything right and perfect.  Anyways while Team 1 was still in the pantry looking for their ingredients Team 2 had started making their Chocolate Mousse.  Out of nowhere Mili screams “NO,NO”.  She said it to Katie because she completely messed up their dish by not putting eggs in.  After that Mili tryed as hard as she could to fix but they were doomed they had only 30mins on the clock. Luckily for them Katie had just finished making another carton of mousse. And yes she did put the eggs in.

Time was UP!! “Step away from your benches. It was a tight fit, both teams had just finished their dishes and completed it. BUT WAS THERE PRESENTATION ENOUGH!!. When the judges had finish scoring the girls dishes they had found a winner. “ All 4 of you were so amazing. There was nothing that you missed, the balancing of the flavours and most importantly the texture of the mousse. But unfortunately there can only be one winner. AND THAT IS.........

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