Monday, October 21, 2013

Breaking News: 41 Elephants Poisoned

Breaking News : Earlier this week 41 elephants were sadly killed by poachers in Zimbabwe. How? They used cyanide poison to kill the innocent creatures by spreading it over their habitats. Previous reports from Zimbabwe parks from Caroline Washaya Moyo said she told many reporters that five suspects have been arrested and has been the parks worst case.  

People that live in the area have been told to not eat any meat of the dead animals found in the area. Over a period of about 3 years more and more poachers are starting to kill rhinos and elephants. Why? Sadly people are just killing them for their horns and tusks which are needed in parts of Asia for their medicine. Tests are still being taken on the dead animals, but for any human or animal to touch the poison is very bad.   

Unfortunately two years ago in that exact same park nine elephants, five lions, and two buffalo were also poisoned and then soon died, for the exact same thing. As well as it is also sad that people kill innocent animals for body parts, it’s sad because people don’t care about the animals and they just easily get away with it. I think this urgently needs to stop and  I think now!

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