Friday, October 18, 2013

Life In Auckland & Syria

Waking up in the morning, I enjoyed the delicious smell of fresh bacon and eggs. As I was jumping out of my bed, I then heard gunshots coming from each corner of the room. Suddenly echoes of screaming kids, gunshots were ringing in my ear. Scared and
helpless I ran into my room and grabbed my younger brother’s.       We quickly gathered into our basement, and cuddled to keep
warm. In that split moment I wondered to myself “ What In The World Is Going On?”.

As I peeled the blanket off myself, I looked out my window and the the sun shone right through. While I was lying  in my bed, thinking about what life would be like to live on the streets, I  caught the scent of delicious fresh cupcakes just popping out of the oven. I quickly ran into the kitchen, where my mum had set out a delicious breakfast for my younger brothers and I. Then I thought to myself, “ This Is gonna be a great day”.

The crisis was still going on. I decided to look for my mother, so as I slightly tip toed up the stairs into the kitchen, I heard the front door slam open. I quickly peeked my head through. I saw four men dressed in black looking around the house to see if anyone was there. As soon as they left I quickly yelled out “ MUM”. I then heard footsteps coming towards me.
After having a delicious breakfast with my family I got ready and then headed down to school. I walked into class and everyone said hello, then we got back into our daily routine. Afterwards we learnt a lot about the perimeter of shapes and how to calculate and read  the area. The home time bell rang and so I then headed home.

“Yes my dear” said my mother. I quickly hugged her close and tight. We quickly  ran back down to my brothers and sisters. My mother gave direct orders to wait in the basement until my father came. As soon as he  arrived at our house we quickly packed our bags and hopped into the car. As we made our way to our safe house I looked around the city and all I could see was our country in ashes. “we were robbed of our country and childhood mum”. “What are were gonna do now?” I said to my mother.

Arriving at home I quickly got changed out of my uniform and made something to eat. I then headed into the lounge and watched my T.V programs. After that I quickly checked if I needed to finish of any homework. Then I helped my mum cook dinner. Finally I then got to relax in my bedroom and have a sleep. saying to myself “ Could this be any more perfect”.

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