Monday, October 21, 2013


These are the things that I normally see people use to celebrate Halloween.

Carved pumpkins with scary faces
Spooky things
Little kids running around the neighbourhood
Trick Or Treat
Creepy Characters

: I think that halloween is mostly about having fun, eating heaps and heaps of lollies and scaring people. Some people think that Halloween was about celebrating evil thats why a lot of Christians and people that go to church won’t allow their children to celebrate and go trick or treating. I would really like to know what Halloween is really about.

What I've Previously Found Out :

The Celtic Calendar
The celtic calendar, was when the the year was split into 2, the dark half and the light half.  On All souls day which was on 2nd of November priests would tell people to pray for the dead in purgatory. Purgatory is a place between heaven and hell, and according to the priests to get out of purgatory people would have to pray hard for you. Then after a lot of prayers you would then be lifted into heaven. 

Lemuria Day
On the 13th of may it was Lemuria day, this was when the  Ancient Roman’s  would pour milk on the graves or offer them a salt cake to stop them from rising up out of the ground. Lemuria day was then moved to the 1st of November to suck the life out of the Samhain harvest festival.

Jack O'Lantern
One of the original story's of the Jack O’Lantern was originated from Jack. He was a man who was kicked out of hell because Satin didn't want him there. The Devil then went to visit Jack and he played a trick on him. Jack nailed the Devil to the wall then the Devil said please let me go. Jack then said only on one condition, if you let me roam around on earth and let me live here as long as I want. Thats why they say to not go near flickering lights because people think it Jack O'Lantern.

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