Friday, November 15, 2013

Future Aspirations

Thursday 14th November the Year 7 & 8's gathered into our school  hall for a Future Aspirations talk with a couple of speakers, that would hopefully inspire us. Andrew Patterson the host of Future Aspirations gave us some inspirational idea's and got a lot of us thinking about what we wanted to be when we get older. After a talk with the MC/Host Andrew Patterson the year 8 & 7's split up. Year 7's in the hall and Year 8's in the street. 

Tristan, a 12 year old boy attending Ficino School talked to us about his life and how he grew up to be the talented young man he is to this day. For me personally, I think that Tristan has a really good attitude and inspires someone literally everyday including me. Why? Well he is already studying Year 13 maths at the age of only 12, and is going to be attending university next year. As well as being brainy it's mostly because of his passion for learning and attitude towards it. So he really inspires me to not stop doing what I love and try my hardest.

Personally for me when I grow I'd like to use my personal strengths which are reading, and writing and put that into my dream. I'd first obviously get better and better at it. Then I would possibly want to maybe go to university to study more and more to get better at it. Then hopefully at the end of my hard work and determination I'll hopefully be a author or something like that. 
                                                     To Our Wonderful Speakers:
I'd like to thank Tristan Pang, Aysha Hohaia, Caine Warren, Emma Brown and last but not least Mosa Mafileo for inspiring us a lot and giving us some great idea's for the FUTURE!!!

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