Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Animal Kingdom

Hungry and determined to get home Zara ran as fast as she could. Arriving at home, she quickly stuffed her face with food and fell into a deep sleep. She suddenly woke up and was in another dimension. As she looked around she saw animals surrounding her. She suddenly yelled " HELP, HELP!" But no one replied. In embarrassment Zara stood up and  walked away.

Out of no where Zara was taken to Queen Ziela. Queen Tara said “ You are here for a reason. You must help us by trying to save our world”. With a quick reply Zara said “ What world? This is all a dream! How can I save you? I have no powers or magical spells”.

“How do you know that?’ said Queen Ziela. “Your mother was once in the same position as you were in. She came here years ago and saved us from death by using her powers”. Queen Ziela continued to speak. “She protected us with an immortal ring. It gave her all the strength she needed to protect us from the Queen of Death Muobasha”.

After Ziela convinced Zara, Zara was then given the immortal ring. Over a period of 2 years Zara learnt how to become an expert with the immortal ring. Zara was accepted into Ziela animal kingdom, but the time had come for Zara to face her fears and save the animal kingdom of Ziela.

The legend is so that when Zara defeated the Queen of Death Mobbish Zara was then made mortal, a true person of queen Tara. Being mortal meant that Zara was able to live in the Animal Kingdom Forever, and her powers were permanent. As time flew by 6 years later Zara found her king and gave birth to a young Prince called Zeal. Then they lived happily ever after.

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  1. Jorja, that was a very good narrative! I really like the storyline. It would be really awesome if you included some more action in this story to make it a bit more exciting. But other than that, you story was really good! How did you come up with all of this? It's great!


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