Thursday, November 28, 2013

Statistic Images

Statistic images are everything you see. For example if you close and then open your eyes whatever you see is a statistic image. So basically what I'm saying is what you see is a statistic image. Anyways below this writing is a statistic image that I have chosen to write about. Explaining the contrast, the angle and the lighting.

This picture caught my eye as soon as I saw it in google images. Why? Well I guess the contrast and lighting on it first of all interested me because it brings a lot of happiness to the photo and makes a lot of people more interested in the attraction. When I look at this photo I guess it makes me smile, and wonder what's going on in paris.  It also makes me want to  smile and want to travel to other attractions around the world.
The Unique thing about this photo is the contrast, brightness and effects. I really like this photo because the colouring makes it more intriguing and interesting to look at.

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