Friday, September 14, 2012

Mrs Verry

            Unfortunately our school Super Gran is retiring and is going to take it easy. Mrs Verry is a really GREAT, AWESOME person to know. She loves you so much and treat's you like her own. All our memory's of her are still with us. She's always going to be our Super Gran, and our Bling Queen.

              Even though she is really good at  crashing bicycles she'll always be the person who cares for Pt England. She is like a mother is everyone she meets.  We all love her and it's very hard to see a great Gran go and retire. SHE'S SPECIAL!!!!

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  1. Great post Jorja. I like how you got us hooked to know more about this person.I think the second sentence of the last paragraph should be fixed. Other than that, awesome post.Keep up the good work.


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