Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vacation Disaster!!

Miela, her mother Lea, her father Rick and her  2 brothers Cameron and Daniel were on a vacation. One very hot day they went out to the beach  for a swim.  So far they all were having a great time, but they didn’t have a clue on what was going to happen.

Watching Cameron and Daniel jump off the rocks seemed quite cool to try out. So what do you know, she had a turn. Diving into the rough sea, Miela hit the water, head first. After many minutes waiting for MIela the brothers  were terrified that there was no sign  of her . Looking out at the waves  Cameron saw somebody floating in the water waving their hands.

Examining the person carefully, he noticed it was his sister, screaming “ HELP HELP SOMEBODY SAVE ME”. Knowing that Cameron couldn’t fix the problem  on his own he ran to the bank to tell his parents . Calling the lifeguard for a boat they RUSHED AS FAST AS THEY COULD.

With a huge effort on trying to save their sister lucky she was okay. The family then flew back to San Francisco   in the morning and was never seen again.

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