Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Duffy Assembly

   Walking into the duffy assembly I sat down  silently. Waiting for our special guest Jo Holley we sang songs.

Finally arriving Jo Holley asked us many questions and told us how she first began her  career as a T.V Star and a Movie Star.  Starting her  career at primary Jo said she had started presenting when she was about 11. She was in many T.V shows such as Squirt , Crowd Goes Wild, ITM fishing and other shows that I’ve forgotten. There was also 1 movie that was Siones Wedding 2 Unfinished.

After telling us about her career and how she started she handed out our duffy books with Ron and Oston from the Buckland Beaches Lion club in Pakuranga. Calling classes 1-24 we went up and  claimed our books. After that Jo Holley signed some books and took photos with the classes. Unfortunately we did not get her autograph but we did get a High 5.

Jo Holley said that  even though you make mistakes it doesn’t matter, what matters is to have fun. I thought about what she said and it was true.

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  1. Hi Jorja,

    Great writing. That's right, if you make a mistake never give up, keep trying, brush it off, have another go and don't forget it's OK to ask a friend for help. :))

    Have fun reading.

    Jo Holley :))


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