Monday, September 10, 2012

Tooth Fairy 2


Have you ever watched The Tooth Fairy 2, well if you haven’t then I’m telling you right now that its a great movie to watch and enjoy with your family.

So anyways last weekend I watched The Tooth Fairy 2 with my cousins. We had snacks to go with it as in Willy Wonka Lollies, Caramel Popcorn, and a drink. When the movie started we all crawled into our blankets.  At first the movie was alright but as I kept watching it , it  got better and better.

The bit that I really found funny was when Larry Guthrie (the main character)  was playing snow fight with the after school kids but not for long. During the snow fight his ex- wife came and growled him  for all the mess he had created. While she was doing that Larry loaded the cannon ball into the slingshot  and let it go. What do you know it landed on her face.

In this movie there was a very cruel man who was engaged with Larry’s true love who he lost from winning a car at the bowling isle. This mean man was always trying to ruin Larry’s Life. He succeeded but then larry got revenge  for all the mean things that the mean man  had done.

At first when Larry had found out that he was a tooth fairy he hated it. But he started to realise that being a tooth fairy was actually fun. He then retired at the end and got back together with his ex who then got pregnant and had a wonderful baby.

After enjoying that funny and awesome movie we had some delicious pizza. A few minutes later basically my whole family was over. So we had and awesome night, enjoying pizza and watching that funny movie. Finishing our feed hours later we had desert. After all of that we watched the All-Blacks game.

Overall I think that my weekend was really awesome. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy another one exactly like that. I hope you enjoy the movie with your FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!

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